We represent individuals who are accused of motoring offences ranging from speeding to causing deah by dangerous driving.

We advise on whether the Prosecution are able to prove their case, whether there may be any technical defence and, where appropriate, defend or mitigate with an aim to avoid or minimise licence endorsement or disqualification.
We have represented clients throughout England & Wales over many years and work closely with experts to challenge motoring prosecutions.
We offer fixed fees for single hearing, summary cases. Details of these fees can be downloaded here:
Driving law - totting up & execeptional hardship
If you receive 12 penalty points on your driving licence, for offences within a three year period, you will be banned from diving unless you can show that you or other will suffer 'exceptional hardship' from loss of your licence. 
Driving law - notice of intention to prosecute
If you receive a notice of intention to prosecute or a s172 request to provide driver's details, then it is important to take advice and decide how to respond. 
Failing to respond is an offence which may result in 6 penalty points, unless you have a defence.
Driving law - driving with excess alcohol
Driving with excess alcohol is a criminal offence and carries a mandatory disqualification. It is important to take advice and consider whether to defend the case on technical or factual grounds, or to admit the offence.