​Professional Discipline 

Regulatory bodies have a range of powers allowing them to investigate and discipline members. Disciplinary actions may have very serious consequences for regulated professionals. These consequences may include financial sanctions, restrictions on practice, suspension and striking off. In certain circumstances, disciplinary action may be linked to, or give rise to a criminal investigation.

There are of course further problems which will arise for any individual facing investigation by the regulator and disciplinary proceedings. As well as concerns that reputations, often built up over many years, will be damaged, the result of such proceedings may be career ending.

We have experience in representing professionals facing investigation or misconduct proceedings brought by a range of regulatory bodies, including the The Financial Conduct Authority, The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, The Care Quality Commission, The General Medical Council and others.

You will need to respond to your regulator and the contents of this response will form the basis of your defence. We will advise you as to the evidential strength of the case against you and of your case and will prepare your case if you are required to attend at a misconduct hearing.

We will also advise you on whether there may be other means by which your case can be disposed of, including agreeing a resolution with the Authority.

Where a misconduct hearing is unavoidable, we will advise you on the best strategic approach to deal with your case and instruct the most suitable Counsel available.