A collection of factsheets, book recommendations and media

We have put together a series of factsheets, videos and animations to help explain certain aspects of the criminal law process.

We have also recommended some books which provide real insight from people who have faced investigation and trial or who are involved in the criminal justice process.

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Trial by Jury

If you are facing a Jury Trial in the Crown Court, it can be confusing knowing how the system operates. 

We have made a short video to help explain. 

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Limitation periods in sexual abuse claims for compensation
​Claims for compensation arising from sexual abuse are subject to time limits. The rules are complex. This video explains how and why time limits can be extended and explores some of the issues the courts will consider.

Discloure in the Criminal Justice System

During 2017 and 2018 there have been disturbing failures by the police and CPS in their duties of discloure to the defence. 

Daniel Berke explores the law of disclosure, how these errors happened and reflects on how some simple changes could protect the integrity of the criminal justice system in the future.
The Procceds of Crime Act, confiscation proceedings and default prison sentences.

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) continues to be one of the most game-changing pieces of legislation in criminal law in the last 20 years.

With vast investigation powers, prosecuting and law enforcement agencies can often secure large confiscation orders.

This video is a practitioner's reflections on the impact this deliberately draconian law can have.
Love, My Year under the Yewtree
Paul Gambaccini
A heartfelt account of radio and television presenter Paul Gambaccini's arrest for false historic, sexual allegations.
Attacked in the press, forced out of work and, for a whole year he was repeatedly re-bailed but eventually being cleared of any wrongdoing. 

Presumed Guilty, Simon Warr
Simon, a widely respected teacher spent 672 days on bail. His accuser was a pupil from 30 years ago.
The Jury took just 40 minutes to aquit Simon, but it came at a huge cost. He lost the career he loved, his reputation and much more. 
His account is gripping and terryifying and underlines the fact that false accusations can hit anyone at anytime and without warning.
Police Misconduct, Complaints and Public Regulation, John Beggs QC
jJohn Beggs QC is one of the finest advocates of his generation and someone with whom we are proud to work closely. This practitioner's work  is a must for any professional working in the field of police misconduct. 
Injustice, Clive Stafford Smith
Clive Stafford Smith has been one of my greatest influences. As a young law student, I interned in his office in New Orleans. Clive has repeatedly and fearlessly tackled the US Justice Sytem, representing men and women facing execution in a system riddled with racism, corruption and cruelty. 
Here he tells the story of Kris Maharaj, a British businessman who, was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of two business associates. Since becoming involved with the case, Clive has uncovered compelling evidence of his client's innocence, yet he remains on the death row which has been his home since 1986
​Appeal against Sentence to the Court of Appeal

If you have received a sentence in the Crown Court which you feel was unduly harsh, you may be able to appeal to the Court of Appeal

Download our factsheet for more details
​Appeal to the Crown Court

If you have been convicted in the Magistrates' Court of an offence and do not believe the conviction was fair, or if you believe the sentence was unduly harsh, you can appeal to the Crown Court. 

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​Appeal against Conviction to the Court of Appeal

If you have been convicted at a Crown Court you may apply for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal

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​​Choosing a barrister 

If your case is to be heard in the Crown Court or is a professional discipline case before a regulatory body, we may suggest instructing a barrister to represent you. 

Our factsheet gives a handy overview of what this involves and what type of barrister ought to be instructed.