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​Professional Discipline

​Criminal Defence

Private Prosecutions

​We advise members of  regulated professions who are under investigation.
​We advise people suspected of involvement in, or being prosecuted for alleged criminal offences.
Private prosecutions are an effective way for individuals or businesses to achieve justice where a criminal wrongdoing has been suffered. 

Statutory licensing

Police Misconduct

Inquests and public inquiries

If you work in a sector where you require a licence to operate, loss of the licence may mean the loss of your business. We advise businesses and individuals accused of licence breaches.
If you played a significant role in the events under investigation by the public inquiry, or are a witness or an interested party to an inquest into a death, we will represent your interests.
If you are a police officer facing misconduct proceedings or an investigation, we are here to advise and guide you.
​​The Solicitors' Regulation Authority requires law firms to publish complaints information.

We confirm no complaints were made in 2017 or 2018

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